Guide To Fixing your Mac League of Legends Client

All information and credit comes from and goes to ZIGZAGJOE!

Please follow the instructions listed in the above link. It is completely legitimate and I am currently playing on my mac after following the instructions and downloading the .exe file (YES! It is a .exe file, so I am assuming the client made by riot only emulates a windows hard drive)

This is an unfortunate day in Riot’s history. To neglect and entire user base that you originally supported and allowed them to make purchases in their store is outrageous. I suppose Riot did not know that the client would be closed in the future, but we only got 4 days notice . Truly unprofessional.

Install and follow the instructions! Thanks guys. Feel free to subscribe


This article looked a tad different yesterday. I made some changes to the article in the morning after it was written. It is still just as informative.


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